Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Youpron, Redtube, Youporn - Mirage

Why are so lonely and melancholy around? And by your side not of the person, whom you unwind all his life. Where is he? Where is this your second half? You ask yourself. Perhaps, somewhere lost in the muddy waters of life on the way to its sole
Tomishsya silent nights you waiting long-awaited hour. When will he! And from an unknown future seem obscure, but not as strangely familiar to you, and the only unique features, the image of which you inadvertently drew in his imagination, and you brush it tvoja vseproschayuschee and long-suffering heart
You vzdragivaesh and zataiv breath of excitation predvkushaesh meeting with him. Already his kind and gentle hands grasping tvoju waist. Slipping on your rounded hips. Penetrate to the most hidden places. Places of the existence of which is responsible ON only one.

You feel badly smell of his body. Smell that compared with nothing. Smell SAMTSA proceeding. Male who has already sat in a victorious jumping to poverzhennoy SAMKE. He learns that a bit scared and excited at the same time believe its tender blue eyes. Oooooo. How do I want you. Boje.

Taste his kiss on the lips. He insisted kisses you. It all ... Since palchikov your legs before your very spout. Good stranger to the desire of your imagination consciousness covers you with incredible force. You slabeesh. The legs do not hold you, only his strong arm and ability to not give you fall. Ocean raging mad passion in your heart. You have no desire to resist. And if it was, you absolutely sure of one that was able to crush it yourself. Already vaguely understand what is happening. His body
Suddenly everything is dropped. I suddenly find themselves you know that this was only erotic dream. EROTICHESKY SON. ON A mere mirage in the desert your wish!

Youporn - unusual paradise

We at the institute was kapustnik student. Sergei danced on it. He danced professionally and on the stage looking very impressive. Hall applauded. I applauded, too. I could not tear his eyes from vypirayuschego member. I am very vozbudilsya. I really like it.

After kapustnika as believed was rough student event. It was there and Sergey. Adding podpiv, he said that he did not wish to return home in a way. I invited him to go to me. He happily accepted the offer. When we were riding home on wheelbarrows, in my head ripe plan. We lyazhem together on my couch. I wait the moment when he fell. I fire up your hand to him in the pants, will keep its members, and the other hand podrochu its own, has long standing member.

I often doing such other guys with whom I had to sleep in one bed. First time I have done so in the pioneer camp (I was then 13 years old) with his classmate, our beds were shifted. Since then, I never miss the occasion to lie with someone from the guys in one bed.

I often invite their friends to visit my cousin sister in Moscow. I did this because we had her sleep in one bed. Friends had no idea about the true reason of my invitations. When my friend were bombarded, I also pretended that sleep. How would I accidentally "in a dream" put his hands on his pants. When he started to sleep, I cleaned the arm and continued to "sleep." Some time later, I try again and again. Hand I put on pants. Then slowly began poglazhivat member. Kajf I felt indescribable when pants felt light as a weapon of one of my friends if Hike living, growing, inflates, growing stronger. Then, I ran one hand on the guy in the pants, and the second member of his masturbiroval. Konczal I am always very abundant. Only after that I could sleep. short, to homosexual love, I was ready a long time ago. No I thought that my dream will never have to be done.

We came to my house. Mama napoila us tea and we went to sleep. I lay there and waited for the moment when he zasopit that in a dream poglazhivat member and enjoy the way in which he responded to my light stroking. Suddenly all of a sudden I felt his hand on his stomach. His arm below the belly button poglazhivala me. I am very delighted this. I began to kiss his chest and sheyu.On embraced me for neck and kiss became famous. This has been such a pleasure for me. I first tselovalsya with the guy. I experienced a pleasant dizziness. His kisses were strong and budorazhuschimi. His leather smell cologne, cigarettes and alcohol. I thought he lose consciousness of bliss.

He was much emboldened me in bed. He withdrew himself pants, threw them on the floor and began his wank member. He has been impressive size, it is much more my own. I do not endure, removed his hand and became a member of its wank his hand. I wanted to take him in the mouth, but was afraid of something. Afraid that I understand correctly. But then I overcame the fear and took his instrument in the mouth. What bliss to feel tense member in the mouth. Sergei was very passionate lover. He sexually pokachival thigh, and postanyval. I want to fuck him in the rump. No member has failed in his prolazil hole. For lack of experience, I have not guessed it greased by a cream to ease their task. I took back in their mouths. When I felt that he was close to the finish, I pulled out its member from mouth and was brought to orgasm by hand. Sergey, quietly prostonav, MA. On his stomach was swamp sperm. I wanted to kiss again and caress him. But he said that it was time to sleep. He got up and went to have a smoke. In his absence, I brought himself to orgasm. I tormented semen hand.

Morning, we both felt a sense of shame each other. We then remembered a long time and not talked about it. We kind of did that one night was not. But an intimate meeting was not the last. I love it. Without it, my life would be meaningless. We continue to pursue the love still, the truth intervals between our meetings are calculated for months and sometimes even years. This small mystery still remains between us every After our meeting Sergei becomes a shame. He could not admit to himself that he had a blue .. U Sergei appear periodically friends, but their relationship lasted long. For various reasons, he stops them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kindgirls - Bathroom

I find it quite excites as it is now saying, extreme sex. You did not say whether you are married, I think it does. So I present myself as I am, for example, with his friend come to visit you. We are sitting at the table. You next to me. Twohy leg occasionally for my foot. When you are taking anything from the table, your hand is like a coincidence to my chest. Guests rustle. I woke and say that I need to correct make-up and go to the bathroom. When I woke, I quietly to the other, holding your knee on hand. At the moment stopping on your members. I signed in, and I leave the bathroom door open. In a few minutes, you vryvaeshsya me and immediately zapiraesh the door behind. For me obtyagivayuschaya short skirt and a semi-open topic. Not saying a word, you obhvatyvaesh me for the waist, and tightly prizhimaesh me to imagine. I even intercepts breath. Your hands slipping on my kick. Descend down and skirt trouble. It now hangs on my belt thighs. Do you see how thin my thigh stockings seats. For me very small panties, which hardly cover the entrance to my vybrituyu pure bull.
You probiraeshsya my panties and dotragivaeshsya until my jaws. I otstranyayu tvoju hand, and ask you to stand on your knees. You CHOOSE to its knees. I povorachivayus to you back and nagibayus, ring in the sink. I want you polaskal me lips. You carefully shot my panties. I have lots of stalk and progibayus. I feel like your language penetrate me. You spend them on my clitoris, and then gets to the silk above. Lightly enter into it. Your finger rests on the clitoris. I warmed their hands lots, giving to understand that you want to polaskal and her. You spend language on perineum, gets to the inlet of the pants. Your language makes several circular movements and tries to enter, but I did not let him, straining pants. I am a bit pripodnimayus nosochkah on, and you find yourself again at the entrance to my bull. Your language continues to caress me. I vypryamlyayus and souls for you to stand. I rasstegivayu твои trousers. Your member now ready for battle. I am taking it in his hand and start to drive them at my error. I szhimayu his thigh, and start to move it along. I feel, as he rubs on my cock. I opuskayus to its knees and taking his lips. I like his taste. I gently posasyvayu it Sposoben head language. You can no longer tolerate. Setting me to kneel directly on the floor bathroom and opuskaeshsya behind. I obediently waiting. I feel like you are my hand razdvigaesh sponges, and your member is about my silk. I begin to move the thigh, and he immersed himself in me. You enter fully into me. I feel like it gives me. Your hands tightly compress my thigh. You start moving in me. I privstayu bit, and your hands compress my chest. Now I start to move itself on your members. Already unable to contain, and I feel like you konchaesh straight to me.
You stayed in me until your member himself did not come out of me. You got up, and quickly got back to the table to the wife.

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Newbienudes - The case of a bus

I stood at the bus stop and waited. On the morning raining, and I took a raincoat, and now star of the sun and it was very warm. Cloak was hanging on my left hand. Suddenly I saw in the crowd you. I noticed you are not for the first time, but this time you had been particularly attractive. To you all, it was short, from the stomach proglyadyval shirt, short skirt was such that hardly-hardly prikryva-whether твои flavors. I unwittingly come closer to you, and when the bus came, helped up the stairs. The bus was filled cue, but I am working shoulder-we began to pave the way. You derzhalas next. Finally, we were on the rear platform, the right was bulkhead, left the bus window. To lower pushed you, I miss you more, in the corner, and himself, putting his hands on the sometimes-Very and bulkhead, was next to you. From your very pleased smelled the spirit-world, I became jealous Volume guy with whom you meet. You turned to me and thanked me for having helped to climb into a bus, since most remained at the stop.
We were blown to each other, as I could, tried otodvinutsya from it, but when the bus set off, it became even worse. I have in mind that you and your sweet smell. The very fact, not wishing, but I started erection, you felt it in, put their hands on me and waist, I felt like you very плотней pressure me. You stood quietly, only occasionally looking out the window. Then you suddenly dropped his hand and touched him before. Cape hung between us, and nobody would have noticed. You felt lightning, rasstegnula and penetrated inside your hand and started to bring it, and so even though I was on the limit. I, too, down the arm and began твои iron legs, then transferred hands between your legs, and was mastered panties iron you. I was uncomfortable. You realized that and turned me sideways, even a little more. I embraced you and become your iron stomach, gradually descending to everything below. You pulled me outside, and member, it intercepts the other hand, began his shake. Then the other hand you took my hand and introduced himself under her skirt, ottyanula panties and pushed inward. I felt your pubis covered with tender pubescent, sponges and fingers spaced, I laid up to your clitoris. Ty slightly razdvinula legs, and I was accepted to drive the fingers, sometimes typing finger at you. There you were wet, I felt like the body you ran tremor. I myself felt that soon finish. Suddenly, you caught me by the hand and feet firmly briefly, I saw you priotkrylsya mouth, you held on the language of the lips, and the body tremor ran again, then again and again. Are you a member of my so-briefly, because I am not moan. You pulled my hand from the pants, turned back to me a person who has committed a member again in the right-ku overruled. I felt now finish, and handed out a scarf you.
Your eyes were half closed and mouth poluotkryty, moist lips and I
unwittingly pripal to them. Your tongue joined me in the mouth, and his eyes, I accepted their language. You turned my scarf member, and at this time of eruption began on the motion.
When everything is finished, you are swept head, it has invested back-absorption moving again and put their hands on me chest
I turned back. In the bus were all to continue. People composed and
went, shaking the bus, tried to keep everything in order not to fall down, but we
no one has been the case.
You have risen to the toes, and I whispered in the ear that is not opposed to hold
this evening with me. I nodded his head affirmatively, and we have to prepare for graduation.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Ipostnaked - Legal flogging in Maytanii

Maytaniya third world country with palm trees, huts, cheerful and friendly people. But Genk, did not sit Maytaniya Styles and parents to go to work here under contract. Genk 15 years in the embassy and the school where he learn almost all younger guys. That's Tennis Genk all day on Utei (Maytanii capital). From boredom began to steal from the trays (fruit, souvenirs), White (hitting showcases vI with local boys). Here's another broke a small storefront shop but did not have time to escape the owner raised the noise in Genk was caught and passed to the police. Genki father came long spoken with Commissioner Genco then said that the agreement failed and will have to move Genk punishment. In Maytanii adolescents from 14 to 18 years for petty offences penalized whip. Ekzekutorami were exclusively women (Because after two teenagers came to the hospital after the flogging men, a law was passed that women hold that the executions.) Genk sentenced to 80 strikes on the broken glass cases except that he still reckoned that the stolen souvenir found during arrest . In the sitting room where Genk included a man and a woman.

The woman was wearing a green shirt with a short skirt rukovomi short of the same colour on their feet were sandals, the man was also a green shirt and sandals instead of skirts were shorts (Standard Form Police)

-- My name is Mary and I speak Russian - She said a woman
-- Are you going to beat me - ask Genk barely stifling tears.
-- No, we try to ekzekutorshe you - responded Marie

Since then, Marie has taken his strong hand and withdrew the corridor Man (his name was Toomi) went backwards. They Genk in the spacious room in the middle where there was a shop with attached thereto waist straps to the wrist and legs and torso. Subject bucket shops faced with ugly (as it seemed very thick Genk) bars. Not far from the shops sat on the stool e woman dressed as Marie. Genk understood what the ekzekutorsha. Her name was Yuna ekzekutoshoy work it is already two years vyporola where two dozen young she was a strong woman of 22 years. Yeung made his mark stood up from a chair.
Get-pants-Marie Prikazala Genk
-- I will not - Otvetil Genk and began to cry heavily.
But police were not accustomed ised hysteria Toomi took him by the arms and Marie crouching lowered him to squat on the pants and shorts and so. Then Toomi raised his arm, took to the store where women tied with the help of his belt. Genk screamed but to no avail. Yong took the rod several times rassekla them off and ogrela Genkin backwards. First Genk touch then felt pain and then narostayuschyuyu of wild obzhigayuscheyu. Genk shouted, izvivalsya and Yuna is not paying for this is not who methodically continued attention to strike. When she gave him the first ten strikes gave a 5-minute rest. Marie came rydayuschego stroked the boy's head. Then Yuna continued executions. Punishability already felt the pain of not only what besides pain. Yuna porola trying not to fall twice in one seat, it spared the boy but just too bad he postponed the flogging Nele lying in the hospital and after he returned to Russia for a long time but attended psycho therapist for more than losses and not stealing.

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Blboys - The case in the store and how not to become a smoker

I decided to try smoking 12 years, wanted to hit a friend, but he refused. Buy cigarettes in a store, I decided away from homes and schools where I do not know. My shop was found not much in it there was only one seller, at the time when I went, she stood on the stool, and that popravlyala on the top shelf. Sales that it is not quite a murmured under his nose, She was 40 years old, a very large woman, she was dressed in jacket and short skirt.
Give me a pack of cigarettes - I asked
She turned his head, looked at me and burknula - wait.
I silently waited for 3 minutes, as sales continued at this time to believe that, not correct is committed to paying attention to me.
You, I finally let cigarettes - I asked loudly
Would thy mamkoy to be assholes gave me answer-seller.
I am greatly angered her reply.
Yes you went - I yelled gathering withdraw from the business.
Tut sales showed remarkable for its size flying, fast sprygnula with stools and threw me. I ran to the exit and managed it to be a store, but forgot about the higher threshold. peretsipilsya and thus lost where a half seconds that allowed the woman grabbed me in the neck left hand and right it has closed shop and zaschelknula door lock. I became very scared, I felt like chicken, it easily raised me on the hand.
Well now my gold - are ongoing it with a smile.
It then sat on the stool, put me on their knees, lowered me shorts and pants.
I cried, requested asylum, pleaded not beat.
For Pembrokeshire language ass pays, sources pity no belt so well I have nothing to the heavy hand - she just answered me. Then plyunula preparing ourselves into the hands and severely ogrela zade me, I cried. Hitting fired, I strongly izvivalsya whole body but it is easily kept me left hand while continuing noise law. She beat slowly attacking it on the right then left buttock, I cried and begged to stop flogging. Finally, it released me. Natyanula shorts and told me - I certainly pereborschila but himself to blame you, it is better not to complain and to whom it is not affected that you stole from me for a cigarette and otshlepala. It then gave me a pack of cigarettes and chocolates money is not claimed, and pushed me and the store. Cigarettes thrown smoking, I never started my friend but now heavily.

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Humornsex - Lesson playing the piano

I am playing the piano.
I have a very strict teacher. The classes while I kept a good, I dressed in a classic school uniform. And sometimes simply in a white shirt and black maiden jeans. In some cases, allow me to wear mini-skirts, but also black. Under the jacket flung at me shirts with attached thereto podvyazkami to which I forge stockings. Sometimes, instead of stockings for podvyazok I'm stockings on elastics. But this rarely happens because of standing on their knees in the stockings, looks not so piquantly as standing on their knees in stockings with podvyazkami. The classes with my teacher, I should not have to panties. It is advisable to wear panties, I stopped for a few days before the start of classes.
The main reason for me to be prohibited is the use of my beloved teacher flogging as a punishment. Usually it uses for this purpose belt or leash. Although those special days when I'm beautiful white dress instead of a strict form or similar with her jacket with a skirt, my gentle teacher uses a belt, a leather whip with several tails. And when the pair manage to get real birch whips or even botanicals, the teacher is currently flogging holiday.
And on the legs I wear black shoes, or sometimes in the heel of long pins. Hairstyle usually consists of two or hvostikov braids. In addition to all the above, I should be bright nakrashena during a lesson, especially sponges. Because after the flogging, I should rastselovat its hands of a teacher. And on my lipstick traces of lipstick those who have followed the work of my governess, will be able to determine whether I am polite.
Another reason why I have a duty to clearly nakrashivat sponges, which is the need to program between lesson drink tea, studied CCIR sponges so not to leave traces on the pristine white porcelain tea cups. For what has been following my beloved governess, which sechet me at the first trace of the same. And that I did not forget CCIR sponges, sitting on the stool, I pripodnimayu hem dresses and sit naked on the stool Skin, which is already a leather whip or belt, and I watch so that my rump has been in contact with him.
In addition to flogging a teacher there is another way to impact. If I try not enough, I was first asked to bring the belt, then I should raise skirt. Sometimes require me to keep a hem dress themselves and stand exactly. But usually me strengthen Dog-collar chained to a wall in the ring. At the same time, depending on my previous success at the Dog-collar occupations me to wear (if and last time I tried not enough), or after I provinyus. And after the flogging, I should kiss belt, and if it is white, then it should remain trace my lipstick. Next, I must poloskat them their grip on him and poteretsya spout skin and smell, the smell of which would trigger the desire polaskat governess. After described ritual, belt or whip put me under the skirt, so that it was between my skirt and Skin. If Skin and Skin, which is the belt, I did not try enough, then the teacher plants leash on me. Then pereodevaet me along, the girl cats which consists of ultra-short skirts, or short shortikov. And blouse. Since then, holding me on a leash, governess vylizyvat makes her hands, legs and shoes. Not forgetting flatfooted belt. At that time, I raised with the knees are prohibited. Sometimes to this penalty at the time of changing me changing hairstyle from two hvostikov or hairstyle, make a tail looking at the task, or braid. After that I should stick with their own hands for the tail or braid, hand shackles attached. The penalty lasts until I, as his humiliating situation does not deliver the full pleasure governess. Then me in a way as I stood on his knees to put musical instrument, and chained to a wall mount.

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